A Swiss businessman signs a contract with a Chinese supplier. They both sit in Singapore and use a Canadian software. At the same time, their Italian lawyers are present via a video conference.

Are you ready for the dynamics of a fully globalized business world? Glentry is here to help you

work globally and dynamically. We are a Swiss consulting company based in Zurich, and specialize in start-up companies, young entrepreneurs and NPOs. Our main focus is on tourism, IT industry and legal advice.



Consulting and company foundations

Company foundations in Switzerland. Consulting for startups and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). 


Discover our workshops about public speaking, negotiation skills and startup tools. 

Personal Assistant and Outsourcing

Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)


"Thanks to Glentry, we have been able to significantly expand our activities in the Swiss market."

Yoav Dreifuss, Managing Partner at Digipave

Glentry - global and dynamic

Glentry is global
We support you in successfully operating under globalized conditions. We help you reach the right decisions in the global village, in order to reach your goals. The Glentry Team speaks English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek and Portuguese, serving clients in 12 different countries.

Glentry is dynamic
What was right yesterday can be completely different today, and no one knows what tomorrow will look like. That is why it is crucial to think and act dynamically, while constantly adapting to the new circumstances in the global market environment.