Glentry Association

Every single day food is being thrown away!

•Are you fed up with witnessing how much food is wasted and thrown away? 

•Are you willing to stop food waste and willing to contribute? 


Then be part of our cause! 

The Glentry Association supports and complements long-term projects worldwide in the field of ​​food waste and food security.

According to studies, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption gets lost or wasted. This is a huge and worrying amount, especially since hunger and malnutrition are still a major problem in many countries.

Food is being wasted from the farms to the distribution centers to the grocery stores, restaurants, catering to the individuals at home. The Glentry Association’s philosophy is to sensitize the population to this topic and to support projects with practical solutions to minimize the amount of food that cannot be eaten. 

Your donation will help the cause for GLENTRY Association's following partners:


•Äss-Bar in Zurich

•Äss-Bar in Basel

•Food bank in Athens

•Eschel food bank in Jerusalem


People like us make the difference. Your cause is our mission.


Donate nowany amount you can afford and together we are changing the world for individuals! 



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Thank you!