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Negotiation Skills

Not one day passes without negotiation. Whether in your professional or private environment - we are constantly negotiating. Once you understand the rules, you can enjoy negotiation in the same way one enjoys a game. In our four-hour course, you will learn methods that can help you win others to your way of thinking, bargain strategically, and do so with confidence. You will leave knowing how to negotiate in many common scenarios.

“ You don’t get what you deserve, but what you negotiate.”

It’s been 10 years since Gabriel began working in sales at a company that manufactures precision tools for export around the world. According to his calculations, he’s sold 20 million tools at least. He’s been getting pay raises every two years, but this year the company launched a new product that ended up costing a lot of money for R & D without any sales yet. His boss has been hinting that the raise might not come this year. Gabriel didn’t know what to do, so he turned to us. With just a bit of coaching, we came up with a strategy to get Gabriel his raise while maintaining a good relationship with his boss and company.

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