1. Negotiation Power and BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

How much power do you have? More than you realize. Unlock the ability to multiply and harness your power in just a few short hours as we help you master the art of negotiation.


How can you understand your opponent’s position? Learn time-tested methods to deconstruct your opponents thoughts, motivations, and most likely scenarios. Identify new ways to use this information to gain a stronger negotiating position.


When is it time to give up on a negotiation? Master the key signs and indicators of a negotiation’s potential for success.


How can we create the most advantageous BATNA and how can it help negotiations? Understand how to strategically leverage a BATNA to both secure your negotiating position and weaken the position of your opponent. Uncover how this well-known course of action can be the secret in your negotiating success.


Determine the right offer at the right time and you can triumph.

2. Negotiation Strategy

There are four main types of negotiation strategies: Lose/Lose; Win/Lose; Lose/Win und Win/Win. Leave our workshop with the tools you need to determine the most advantageous strategy in any situation.

3. Dirty Tricks

Dirty tricks can make negotiations very unpleasant. Learn to identify dirty tricks and distinguish them from good-faith negotiations. Once you identify them, learn to comprehend them, and diminish the negative effects on your party.

4. Active Listening 

Have you ever given a speech or talk and felt like nobody was listening? How did that feel? Everyone who speaks wants to feel heard. Uncover the secrets to being an active listener.

5. Harvard Principle

Probably the most famous of all negotiation theories, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about adopting the Harvard Principle to advance your negotiation skills.

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