Public Speaking - Topics

1. KISS ​​(Keep it simple, stupid)

The world is complex and is getting faster and faster. However, we are less attentive. Therefore successful speakers have a short message and get straight to the point. Learn how to extract your idea into an accessible, targeted and engaging message. What must be said? What should be said and what can be said? Sharpen your skills and present your message in a compelling and impactful way.

2. Verbal and nonverbal communication

One secret public speakers know is that verbal and nonverbal communication can be equally important. Find out tips and techniques, such as body language and use of voice, to upgrade your presentation style and present your talk in a confident, engaging and impactful way to any forum.

3. Opennings and closings

Did you know that an audience’s attention span is at its highest point at the very beginning and end of your presentation? Your opening and your closing are prime time to engage them and ensure that your messages are heard loud and clear. Learn to craft a grabbing opening and an unforgettable closing that will enthrall your audience.

4. Rhetorical tools to spice up your speech

Spice up your speech with rhetorical tools. Let us guide you as to which tools can be effective for different purposes.

5. Dealing with challenging questions

Our course will enable you to differentiate between provocations, real questions, and how to deal with both. You will learn to analyze your audience, anticipate, and reply to their questions. You will learn how to answer in an effective way, while building a bridge to the message that you want to deliver.

6. Storytelling

What do you think? Do you want to hear a story or see some slides? I’d like to share with you a story sounds more appealing than I’d like to share with you some slides. We love stories and you can develop storytelling skills and communicate messages in stories. Even complicated messages can be explained simply in a story.

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