Startup tools for companies and NGOs- Topics

1. Lean Startup Method

By applying the “lean startup method” you can advance creativity and reduce TTM (time to market) in any industry. In our workshop, you will gain the skills needed to build your MVP (minimally viable product) and scale it up.

2. Pitching

Can you explain your product in 30 seconds? Anyone with a new product or startup seeking funding must master the elevator pitch. This concise pitch is designed for you to communicate value and dazzle investors on-the-go. Be ready to share your ideas whether it’s in an actual elevator ride or a networking meeting.

3. Change Management Style 

How do startups use emotional intelligence, stakeholder mapping, and leadership opportunities to shape management strategies? Gain insight on startup management style and how it can improve any company’s management methodology. Prepare to persuade a company of any size that they should try a startup management style.

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