Why Glentry


Glentry LLC is based in Zurich, and serves customers in Switzerland and abroad. Glentry represents “Global Entry” - the entry to the global market. As a consulting firm, Glentry supports companies in successfully operating under global conditions. The complexity, challenges and difficulties in the transnational economies are all issues that Glentry deals with daily.

Glentry's clients include startups and entrepreneur companies in the tourism, IT and legal services sectors, as well as non-profit organizations (NPOs). Glentry helps each customer individually in reaching the proper business decisions, which will help them achieve their business goals.

Dynamism breeds success

Glentry was founded with the philosophy that the global economic system is extremely dynamic - and this trend is constantly increasing. In order to succeed in this system, it is imperative to think and act dynamically and to adapt to the new market conditions daily. However, it is important to maintain focus, separate the wheat from the chaff, and focus on the really important aspects. The true art is to make wise decisions in a dynamic ecosystem, even with limited resources. Glentry supports its customers as partners, every step of the way.

Glentry specializes in the following areas:

● Consulting for European startups who want to expand in another European country

● Workshops for companies in the field of corporate entrepreneurship

● Management of Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)